With a refinance, we can help you:

1. Do a cash-out loan on one of your non owner-occupied properties,

2. Pay off current underlying loans that are maturing, helping you plan your next steps,

3. If you're midway through a project, we can pay off your current loan, and structure a loan to help you finish your project.

Cash-out refinance

Pull cash out of rental properties, or other non owner occupied investments. With a smooth and easy closing, and a 9-24 month loan term, you can pay us off when you’re ready.

Pay off underlying loans

Not finished with your project, but your old loan is maturing? Let’s pay off your underlying debt, and set you up for success with a new loan to finish your project.

Fix up

If you’re doing renovations, you can pull funds as you complete work. That way you won’t be paying interest on the full amount from the beginning.

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