What are we about?

We believe the borrower is the most important part of every loan, and we know that earning your current and future business depends on a few things:

1. Making sure you have clear expectations and a smooth loan closing process,

2. Making sure we are available and responsive not only through your closing, but throughout your entire loan,

3. Keeping our loan pricing competitive and fair.

Loan Types

Fix and Flip

  • Our most popular loan
  • Purchase and fix up financing all-in-one
  • Fix up funds rolled into loan (we like to keep your pockets full)
  • 9-18 month terms available (no one likes to be rushed)
  • No early payoff penalty
  • Fix it, sell it, profit, do it again


  • Cash-out refinances
  • Pay off maturing loans
  • 9-24 month terms
  • No early payoff penalty (sell or refinance with conventional lender when you're ready)

Buy Rentals

  • Purchase turnkey rental properties
  • Purchase distressed properties and renovate into rentals
  • 9-18 month terms (pay us off at your own speed)
  • No early payoff penalties (refinance out when you're ready)
  • We know lots of good long term lenders if you don't already have one

How can we help you?

  • Tell us about your loan