Building a Portfolio

Whether you're wanting to flip a home into a rental, or buy a turnkey property, we can help you grow.

The BRRRR process (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) enables you to flip a home into a rental; allowing you to keep that equity you already built into it, as well as grow that equity through long-term appreciation.

A bridge loan (no fix up) allows you to purchase a turnkey property, get your tenants in (short or long-term), and then refinance out with a long term lender when you're ready.

All-In-One Loan

If you’re flipping a home into a rental, the purchase and fix up loans are all combined into one loan. That way you can refinance out a single loan with a long-term lender when you’re ready.

Longer Terms

We offer 9-18 month terms so that you have enough time to comfortably finish your project, get it rented, and get it refinanced on your own time.

No Early Payoff Penalties

There’s no early payoff penalties, so if you finish and get the property refinanced early, you won’t see any surprise fees.

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